Saturday, December 3rd
Southern Trace Country Club

Join us for a girls night filled with fun, games, food and some real talk! Connect and get to know other girls attending the father daughter experience.

What is the Purity Ball?

The Ark La Tex Purity Ball is a tool to encourage and equip young women in their journey to stay pure until marriage and help fathers or mentors understand that they have an important role to play. Learn more

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If you need more information about the Ball or would like us to speak at your church or community organization, please contact the Purity Ball team

Saturday, December 3rd – Beloved – A Father-Daughter Experience

Join Us For This Magical Once In A Lifetime Father Daughter Experience!  Get your tickets today here!

The evening begins with complimentary valet parking and an opportunity for formal portraits; followed by dinner, a special guest speaker and the covenant ceremony. Finally culminating with plenty of time for fun with games, DJ dancing, party pics, and purity mementos, this is a night that neither father nor daughter will ever forget!

On Friday night the attendees of the ball will have access to a special Girl’s Night Out to add to the once in a lifetime celebration of their great decision!

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About the Ark La Tex Purity Ball

Redeeming Purity: Empowering and equipping young women in their commitment to living a pure life